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China imposes anti-dumping tariffs on synthetic rubber imports from the EU, Singapore and U.S  

Friday, April 20, 2018

Bejing, China - China has imposed anti-dumping measures on halogenated butyl rubber (halobutyl) imports from the US, European Union and Singapore. China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) initiated an investigation into US, EU and Singapore halobutyl imports last August. As a result, Beijing has announced that importers of the product from the three regions will be required to pay a temporary deposit of between 26 and 66.5 percent on the value of their imports from April 20. The MOC ruled on Wednesday that the three exporters have been dumping halobutyl on the Chinese market and causing material injury to the domestic halobutyl industry. The US, EU and Singapore are the largest suppliers of halobutyl to China. In 2016, their combined sales reached nearly 150,000 tonnes, which represented more than 75 percent of the country's total import of the product. This is the second anti-dumping measure imposed by Beijing on its US counterpart in the space of a week, after a similar move concerning the import of sorghum grain was announced yesterday.


Newly updated data for more than 100,000 combinations of corrodents vs. rubber and other elastomeric compounds

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A global company with more than a century of specialty chemical expertise. Struktol Company of America, a force in North America for almost thirty years with production, technical, and support staff to meet the market needs of the polymer industry. Quality additives for performance that are produced to a quality managed system that meets ISO 9001 standards, the most comprehensive standard that is accepted worldwide.

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