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Book of the month: Chemical Resistance Guide for Elastomers IV plus Free Blue Book or Red Book  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Akron, OH - Rubber World is offering the newly updated Chemical Resistance Guide for Elastomers IV - a concise guide to chemical and environmental resistance of rubber and elastomeric compounds when exposed to various hostile media. Order in the month of October and receive a free copy of the 2016 Blue Book or Red Book. Your choice.
Now 50 rubber and elastomeric compounds are examined in more than 100,000 combinations with corrodents, including 3,000 liquid or dry chemicals, gases, lubricants, household fluids, foods and other environments.
In addition, mechanical and physical properties of the materials are covered, including specific rates of deterioration, time and temperature for selected compounds.
All data are compiled in an easy to find matrix format, with corrodents listed in alphabetical order. 500+ chemical trade names are covered, with synonyms listed for more than 1,000 chemicals, gases, etc., and indexed to corresponding page numbers.
Here are just a few of the many features that will help you on the job... 3,000+ liquid or dry chemicals, gases, lubricants, household fluids, foods and other environments are covered. 500+ chemical trade names are covered. Corrodents are listed in alphabetical order. Data are presented in symbolic format (A, B, C, NR) with some data at specific rates of deterioration, time and temperature. Where known chemical resistance varies with concentration and temperature, data are presented in descending order of concentration and temperatures. Mechanical, physical and electrical properties data for each elastomer compound are provided. Printed on semigloss 70 pound plastic coated bond paper to last several years of use. Case bound hardcover smythe sewn. 780 pages, 12% NEW DATA!
You can purchase your Chemical Resistance Guide for Elastomers IV from the Rubber World book store or download our PDF form and fax/mail us your order or by calling us at (330)-864-2122. Prices for US are $243 plus shipping and internationally $293 which includes shipping.


Newly updated data for more than 100,000 combinations of corrodents vs. rubber and other elastomeric compounds

Includes a Free Blue Book or Red Book through October 31st.

Find out more.


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Magnetic mold clamping systems from Hilma are designed specifically for the high temperatures of rubber injection molding machines. The new long pole technology uses double magnets to provide up to 20% more clamping force. The magnetic systems offer quick change of different size molds in three to five minutes, and withstands high temperatures up to 210 (410F) and is specifically made for rubber injection mold applications.

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