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Product Spotlight

Test laboratory for customer testing of LIM
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The Blue Book - Materials, compounding ingredients and services for the rubber industry.

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Long regarded as the industry's single most important reference for technical information, the BLUE BOOK contains detailed information on every raw material used by the rubber industry-including chemical additives, extenders, elastomers and latexes, fillers and reinforcing materials, carbon black and coloring materials, to name a few.

The latest, most current information on more than 10,000 materials and ingredients are listed. And, to help you locate the best materials at the lowest possible cost, more ingredients are listed by chemical name as well as trade name. (If you are currently using a product that's recently been discontinued, the BLUE BOOK's generic listings will help you quickly locate an acceptable substitute.)

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$135.00 plus $12.00 postage and handling (Domestic U.S.)
$185.00 Outside U.S.

The Blue Book Online (click here to log in)

Now available immediately, THE BLUE BOOK ONLINE! This new way of presenting the Blue Book offers you several great improvements on delivering the information you have come to rely on:

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  • Always current. Data is continuously updated throughout the year and is available immediately through the on-line version.

  • No more waiting for next year's edition to be printed. Your on-line subscription gives you access for a whole year - no matter when you place your order.

  • Quick and convenient searches. For example, the Blue Book currently contains hundreds of listings for accelerators on 67 pages in the print edition. In seconds, you can narrow your search with the Blue Book On-Line using specific criteria.

  • Click here to view the BlueBook Online Demo!

One day, 30 day and One-year subscriptions, Available immediately!
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The Click here to order the Blue Book CD-RomBlue Book CD-Rom

The Blue Book CD-ROM is an exact copy of our print edition. You can flip through pages digitally and search using the 'find' command. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.


To order the Blue Book on CD Rom, click here.
$135.00 plus $8.00 postage and handling (Domestic U.S.)
$165.00 Outside U.S. - includes Air Mail Postage


Rubber Industry Videos

Insights and Reflections from Rubber Industry Veterans 8:10

VMI - an interview with Arie Kroeze 1:32
AirBoss of America laboratory 0:42
CriSil RD Abbott
Struktol - Plastic
Additives Solutions

Gomaplast Machinery 2:15
RD Abbott Lab Technology Intro 3:15
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Featured Website
Rex Gauge has been specializing in quality durometers for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in the fact that Rex durometers are easy and convenient to use as well as durable and extremely accurate. Our personnel are truly professionals in their trade, as is evident in the fine workmanship and quality that go into each gauge - from the first calibration to the final approval before delivery to the customer.

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