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Polymer Library
The firm's Polymer Library will now be updated on a weekly basis, giving subscribers access to the latest information more quickly. The Polymer Bulletin service from the Polymer Library has also increased its frequency to weekly, to ensure its subscribers have timely access to their content. The Polymer Library team of dedicated information professionals inspect more than 1,000 journals and conferences, gathering details of the latest developments on the science, technology and business of polymers. The team collates this information into an update and adds it to the Polymer Library, now once every week. The shift from 26 updates to 51 updates per year represents a near doubling of the frequency of updates, offering the latest information more often and in more manageable portions. The latest information builds on over 40 years of content; the Polymer Library has well over a million records to search through, offering the most comprehensive abstracts database dedicated to plastics, rubber, polymeric composites and adhesives. The database is also supported by a fast, efficient document delivery service, so the full text of virtually any item listed on the Polymer Library can be ordered direct from the team and delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

Smithers Rapra

Post date: 3/6/2014

Industrial Air Cleaning
This industrial air cleaning specialist announced the launch of its new website. Designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, the interactive website enables visitors to find the best industrial air cleaning and air filtration solution to meet their specific application needs. Designing a website that provides visitors and customers with an intuitive easy-to-use interface that enables them to find information quickly to make better decisions was said to be an exciting challenge. Customers steered the development of the new site as they wanted to learn more about the specific air cleaning challenges they are facing and how the firm has solved similar problems for other customers. Content is focused on the firm's guiding value to be a customer-driven, market-focused company, and the new website achieves this by providing the most accurate product knowledge, industry application insight and resource information to allow website visitors to find immediate solutions for their industrial air pollution control challenges. The Explore UAS Filtration Solutions section advises visitors and customers regarding specific process or industry application based challenges in their facilities and how we have helped other customers solve similar problems. Current industry and regulatory information is provided to keep customers up-to-date with the industry’s rapidly changing air quality requirements. An enhanced products section features detailed information on our broad range of industrial dust collection and mist collection products. An interactive floor plan helps site visitors select the right type of system for their needs. An extensive resource center contains white papers, technical articles, featured case studies, industry application spotlights, product brochures and additional resource links. Technical support resources are provided for registering products, accessing owner’s manuals and warranty information, and submitting support requests. An improved replacement filter cross-reference provides customers with the benefit of using ProTura nanofiber media technology to improve the performance of their system.

United Air Specialists

Post date: 3/6/2014

Processing Solutions
The company's website highlights 175 processing solutions, categorized by industry, which detail how customers solved their most difficult separation or material handling challenges with the help of the company's equipment. Featured industries include chemicals, food, glass, metals, minerals, mining, pharmaceuticals, plastics and more. The webpage explains, if one is involved in iron separation, material beneficiation, detection, conveying, lifting, positioning, holding, feeding or detecting, these processing solutions may be of help. Each problem cited was an actual problem in a specific industry. Each solution was a successful application of magnetic or vibratory forces to solve a particular problem. Over the company’s 70+ year history, it has built a vast database of technological know-how. Processing solutions are a part of the company's Orange University, the umbrella under which the company offers all of its educational resources. Orange University also includes a mobile training center, Technical Center, free tools, literature library, newsletters, magnet safety information, articles and more. The company is said to be recognized as a world authority in separation technologies. The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in the process, metalworking, packaging, plastics, rubber, recycling, mining, aggregate and textile industries. The company manufactures and markets these products through 12 international facilities located on six continents.


Post date: 3/6/2014

Hydraulic Press Rebuilding
A TMP 170-ton hydraulic vacuum press used for precision rubber molding was recently rebuilt by this company. The customer, a custom molder serving a wide variety of industries, was still running the older press in their daily operation but experiencing problems with press reliability due to outdated hydraulic and electrical programming. Knowing that there must be a way to improve the press's performance they turned to this firm and decided to rebuild the press. Since returning the press to their production line, the customer has achieved less than 5 percent downtime in post-improvement operation. As part of the rebuild service, the firm replaced the press's complete hydraulic system to utilize upgraded Bosch hydraulics. The new self-contained oil hydraulic unit with energy efficient motor reduced energy consumption in the molder's process and increased cycle time with faster press close and opening. All pre-existing press plumbing and wiring were replaced, significantly reducing the press' footprint. Also included in the new hydraulic system were welded manifold mounted valves, an oil filter, oil strainer and a new heat exchanger allowing the customer to accurately control pressures and speeds. The new operator-friendly press controller features a color screen display and allows the operator to set and monitor press functions and values such as press time, bumps and platen temperature. The new electrical enclosure was designed and built to comply with all current safety codes. French rebuilt the press' main cylinder, refurbished the heated press platens, vacuum doors and replaced all seals. Prior to shipping the rebuilt press back to the customer's plant, the press was quality inspected for other wearing parts such as heater, thermocouples and rams, was totally reassembled and then fully tested to ensure improved press performance and reliability. This company is said to have been the industry technology and quality leader since 1900, serving customers in over 80 countries. The family-owned, ISO-certified company custom designs, manufactures and supports a wide assortment of stand-alone hydraulic presses and turnkey systems for the lamination, composite, friction and rubber industries. Press tonnages generally range from 10 to 2,000 tons, with various platen sizes. The firm's presses are well known for their superior value, very low deflection, rugged construction, long life and industry-leading three-year warranty. Their 225,000 square foot corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in Piqua, Ohio.

French Oil Mill Machinery

Post date: 3/6/2014

Customized Professional Development Courses
Customized technical professional development courses are designed around a company's needs. Businesses must continue to develop and improve the technical knowledge and expertise among their skilled professionals if they are to benefit from economic recovery and stay ahead of the competition. This firm's plastics and rubber experts can work with customers to develop a training solution tailored to their needs and delivered at their company. The firm can also deliver its advertised open courses at a prefered location. The firm's rubber and plastics experts have years of industrial experience across a range of industry sectors and regularly assist engineers, buyers, product developers, designers and other industry professionals to develop and broaden their knowledge. Because consultants are on-hand, they will also be able to offer additional help, support and troubleshoot in-situ. The firm can help with understanding the fundamentals of rubber and plastic materials; manufacturing options; materials selection; avoidance of failure; cost down projects; long term durability; specialized materials, e.g. silicones, polyurethanes, high temperature materials; and can improve customers' in-house skills and expertise now.

Smithers Rapra

Post date: 3/6/2014

Extruded Rubber And Molded Rubber Profiles
This global supplier of custom seals and specialty insulation stocks over 700 rubber profiles in natural and synthetic materials, including solid and sponge rubber. With sales offices in Canada, the United States, and China, the firm strengthens industrial supply chains with on-time deliveries of high-value, low-to-medium volume rubber goods made of compounds such as CR, EPDM, NBR, NR and SBR materials. The company also offers expert design and custom fabrication of rubber profiles for industries such as automotive, defense, mobile specialty vehicles, food and medical equipment, electronics, green power, and mass transit. By applying its application knowledge and technical expertise, the company’s experienced solutions providers can recommend molded and rubber extrusions with the right characteristics, including material properties and chemical resistance. As a long-time supplier of rubber and plastic parts to the automotive industry, the firm understands that stock-outs are not an option for carmakers. That is why the custom fabrication specialists add value to the automotive supply chain by delivering on quality, inventory, and price for molded stoppers, pads, and end-pieces. The company can also cut rubber floor mats and supply door and window seals for cars, buses and trucks. In addition to the auto industry, the company supplies rubber parts to defense contractors and makers of mobile specialty vehicles. From door seals and window seals to thermal and acoustic insulation, the firm understands the needs of the military marketplace. The company’s application experience also means that its sealing products are suitable for the rollover protection structures (ROPS) found on combines and forestry equipment. With its wide range of commercial and industrial rubber products, the company supplies sanitary seals for food equipment and medical equipment. In industrial kitchens, examples include rubber gaskets for refrigerators, EPDM channels for mixers, and custom door seals for restaurant ovens. Medical equipment such as x-ray machines and medical assist devices such as mattress overlays and patient lifts also use medical seals from the company. Sealing outdoor electronics, green power plants, and mass transit systems (including rail) against the elements also requires high-quality rubber products that can withstand wind, water, and temperature extremes. So whether the application involves door and window seals for railcars, gasketing for outdoor signs, or rubber profiles for PV panels and windmill nacelles, the firm has the rubber parts you need.

Elasto Proxy

Post date: 3/6/2014

Custom Rubber Mixing And Formula Development
Customer service is this company's specialty. Over 100 years of combined technical expertise is available to answer customers' rubber technical questions and meet their rubber material needs. All rubber polymers, including FKMs and silicones, are mixed using quality materials obtained from reliable suppliers. Customer formulas or the firm's formulas are mixed and ready to ship in three to five working days. The company has tested recipes that meet MIL-SPEC, AMS-SPEC, ASTM D2000 and various other industrial specifications. The firm can mix as little as three pounds to over 450 pounds per batch. Mixed rubber can be provided as slabs, sheet or strips. Screening and Barwell preforming are also available. The company has dedicated mixers for non-black rubber compounds. Color matching is made per Fed-Std-595, Pantone or customer sample. The firm is ISO 9001-2008 certified and has been in business over 50 years.

R&S Processing

Post date: 10/15/2013

Independent Elastomer And Polymer Testing
This company is said to be Europe's number one independent elastomer and polymer testing expert. Said to be one of the world's leading contract research organizations, the company is said to have been providing reliable, high quality testing services to a large and varied client base since 1984. The firm is available for those looking for help with any aspect of product and material testing and analysis, pharmaceutical testing, design and manufacture, failure analysis, REACH compliance, tire testing and biotechnology services. The company's state-of-the-art laboratories are based in the U.K., just north of London, and with over 80 scientists, technologists, engineers and supporting staff, all of its services are carried out in-house. The firm provides fast turnaround time with somebody always available to discuss customer requirements and results.

Rubber Consultants

Post date: 10/15/2013

Quality Control Analysis Training
Quality control testing is said to play a more prominent role in the success of a product than ever before. Whether it is a package that will not open, crackers that have no snap, an adhesive bandage that will not stay attached or skin creams that will not spread, in today's marketplace, textural characteristics play an major role in the success or failure of products. This is true for a wide variety of foods as well as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, packaging, industrial materials and adhesives. The Practical Course on Texture Testing and Analysis features the company’s CT3 Texture Analyzer/Tester, an instrument designed to help manufacturers deliver consistent products. The course provides attendees with the technical training they need to get the maximum value out of their CT3 Texture Analyzer. Hands-on exercises provide attendees with the techniques, methods and valuable industry know-how they need. Principles of texture analysis, correlation to sensory perception, texture instrumentation and accessories and an introduction to TexturePro software are all included. Attendees are encouraged to bring product samples for testing and discussion. The course is offered at the company’s facility in Middleboro, MA. Arrangements can also be made to conduct the course at customers’ facilities where content can be adapted to their specific product applications.

Brookfield Engineering

Post date: 10/15/2013

Tire Manufacturing
The firm's catalog features its products and accessories for the industrial tire market. The catalog is free upon request. The company is said to be a global tire manufacturer that is committed to establishing a strong presence in the North American market. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification standards and carry full factory warranties. The firm brings over 30 years of experience servicing the material handling industry and provides high quality solid industrial and pneumatic tires at competitive prices. Major categories of products include lift truck press-on solids, L/T resilient, non-marking resilient, polyurethane drive and load wheels, industrial pneumatics, including skid steer pneumatics and tubes. The company features a large number of non-marking tire products that are said to be great for the food and beverage industry. They are said to have a unique offering that no other tire supplier can provide.

Rhino Rubber, LLC

Post date: 10/15/2013

Hose Fabrication And Wholesale Distribution
This hose fabricator and distributor's website is said to be vastly improved with regard to navigation, product and industry information. The new website reflects the firm's strategic, forward-looking focus, reinforcing the position the company has as a leader in the industrial products marketplace. This company is said to be the national market leader in the fabrication and wholesale distribution of hose products, fabricated belting products, cut and molded rubber, and industrial consumer products. A 100 percent employee-owned company, the firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013. The firm and its subsidiaries serve customers throughout North and South America, in addition to Europe.


Post date: 10/15/2013

Digital Learning Resource
From high school technology classes and engineering professors to manufacturing professionals trying to solve a production problem or plant managers wanting to train their workers, reliable information is a necessity. As manufacturing professionals increasingly turn to web content for fast answers to their questions, Tooling U-SME releases Knowledge Edge, an online resource with industry-validated content and information, available at the touch of a button and click of a mouse. While web searches yield a wealth of information, there is said to be little standard as to what is posted and what can be trusted. Knowledge Edge relies on SME members, longstanding industry professionals and SME’s trusted manufacturer customer base to provide a reliable source of manufacturing information online. A Tooling U-SME initiative, the web-based, multi-media Knowledge Edge, is the culmination of two-years of development and content migration of SME’s rich manufacturing resources to a digital format. Knowledge Edge features more than 1,200 e-books and chapters, 700 videos and video clips, and 16,000 technical papers. It also makes available the first-ever Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki, with more than 10,000 entries, peer-reviewed by subject matter experts; bringing online SME’s long-standing, highly-regarded, nine-volume Tool & Manufacturing Engineers Handbook, continuously updated and readily accessible to subscribers. The expansive breadth and flexibility of Knowledge Edge allows any organization greater oversight and control of existing informal learning resources. As such, the learning process is formalized, with desired content utilized as needed and pace of learning set according to exact learning requirements and competencies. And, with access to validated content available across a range of media, including video, training or research can be done virtually anywhere, anytime. Innovative Knowledge Edge features include around the clock content availability; an expansive search engine; content filtering; content organization; and content review. Knowledge Edge also helps manufacturing professionals avoid “information overload” by providing content specific to their questions, backed by research and real-world manufacturing practices. According to a nationwide 2012 study by Bersin & Associates entitled, “Becoming a High-Impact Learning Organization,” with an overwhelming amount of information available today, finding the right information at the right time is a real challenge.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Post date: 10/15/2013

Market Data And Commentary Resource
A leading energy, petrochemical and metals information provider is bringing interactive and direct access to Polymerscan, its market data and commentary resource serving the plastics and resins industry. With the migration of Platts Polymerscan to its online, interactive platform Market Center, customers can make more immediate, more effective use of data in real time. Introduced earlier this year, Platts Market Center provides a number of customizable tools which allow users to better assess and analyze price data and spot developing trends. Platts also announced it will soon bring Platts Polymerscan to mobile phones and other smart devices. Through the online Platts Market Center platform, Polymerscan customers will gain access to industry news, sophisticated charting tools, exclusive analysis previously unavailable and other features, including the ability to set up personalized alerts. Combined, the coverage breadth and special features are designed to help customers track and analyze price movement, create custom price trend graphics, correlate data for reference purposes, evaluate margins and make better financial and trading decisions. The commodity focus of Platts Polymerscan is low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), PVC and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Key coverage includes weekly view of daily global polymer contract and spot price assessments; polymer raw materials prices for olefins, aromatics and intermediates; benchmark prices from global trading hubs; and graphics depicting current and historic market trends.


Post date: 10/15/2013

Chemical Events Guide App
An app to assist visitors attending events at which this company is present is available for both Apple iOS and android devices. The Events Guide App enables visitors to explore details of the company's activities at trade fairs. The app allows visitors to find information or activities at the event either by industry or product brand. Using the app, visitors can quickly locate the company's booth or any other location of interest, such as the booths of leading machine manufacturers where the company's products are running, and technical seminars being held at the event. The app places not only locations of interest in the visitor's pocket, but it also allows easy collection of relevant information packages from the company and cooperating machine manufacturers. By scanning QR codes on booths, selected information is sent automatically in one email package instead of having to carry heavy stacks of paper.

ExxonMobil Chemical

Post date: 10/15/2013

Custom Calendering
Custom calendering services are highlighted in the company's four-page brochure. Responsive service is said to include finished materials produced to consistently meet the customer's strict quality standards, and timely deliveries of finished goods through efficient scheduling and productive work habits. The company's background as a supplier of high performance materials is said to benefit customers. The firm offers the latest in calendering and mixing technology. State-of-the-art technology provided by the company includes a four-roll inclined "Z" calender system; an automatic mass measuring and gauge control system; a fully equipped operator control panel with automatic and manual capabilities; let-off and windup accumulators that permit uninterrupted production during raw roll and finished roll changes; a cooling drum tower that provides stable control of material tack automatically; a pin barrel extruder; automatic web centering and width control units; pre-tension and post-tension control units; fully integrated PLC drive systems; dual raw material let-off stations; dual finished material windup and liner let-off stations; perforation capability; and a clean environment.

Hoosier Racing Tire

Post date: 4/18/2013

Rubber Molder, Extruder, Fabricator
This U.S. rubber supplier for nearly a century has the ability to manage a customer's product from start to finish. The firm molds, extrudes, fabricates by hand, rolls, builds and die cuts. In addition, the company has in-house engineering and a dedicated mixing facility. The company has been audited and approved to the quality management system standards of ISO/TS 16949 for the manufacture of molded and extruded rubber products for the automotive industry. The firm performs every step, from initial engineering to formulating and mixing the polymer. From design assistance, in-house tooling to full extrusion and molding capabilities, the company also offers value added services such as slitting, cutting and taping.

Griffith Rubber Mills

Post date: 4/17/2013

Life Cycle Services
An eight-page, full-color brochure describes the company's broad range of life cycle services for optimum performance of the company's measurement products. The brochure notes that a global network of company specialists is available to deliver local service and support. Included is support for such measurement solutions as flow, pressure, temperature, level, thickness, flatness and tension, valve automation, and liquid and gas analyzers. Services detailed in the brochure cover start-up and commissioning, training, spare parts, repair and maintenance, calibration and verification, and migration, upgrades and replacements. Also discussed are service contracts and consulting.


Post date: 4/17/2013

Laboratory Private Cloud Service
In today's laboratories, experimental datasets are said to be growing larger, and critical tasks such as data storage, processing, mining and sharing have become increasingly cumbersome, error prone and expensive. The i3D Enterprise Service is said to overcome these challenges by integrating storage, processing and data mining in an enterprise-level private cloud. With i3D Enterprise Service, laboratory data can be automatically and securely uploaded from instruments to a private cloud and processed on the cloud. This enables workflow execution and data mining in a fraction of the time when compared to processing on a local PC. Researchers with an internet browser can quickly access all of their data, interrogate it from any location and share data globally in seconds. Additionally, i3D Enterprise Service supports all major instrument vendor data file formats. This is said to give users an unprecedented ability to integrate and unify all laboratory data.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Post date: 4/17/2013

Injection Molding Online Courses
Two training courses on injection molding go hand-in-hand in teaching proper safety, cleaning and set-up procedures for injection molding workplaces. Both courses, Injection Molding Course 1 and Injection Molding Course 2, provide participants with a better understanding of injection molding procedures and safety, how to best prepare for an injection mold changeover, and how to properly remove an injection mold. The injection molding courses cover such topics as general molding injection, machine and setup safety, mold setup preparation, machine dependent, independent and hybrid process documentation, scheduling a mold change, mold examination, machine safety check, preparation for mold removal, mold removal - disconnecting and lifting, and install, setup and program an injection mold into a machine for a production run. Improper mold setup can cause serious safety hazards, as well as damage to the equipment. Proper training is said to be imperative to keep the workplace safe. Knowledgeable workers create a safe workplace by being mindful of the use of injection molding safety procedures. These courses give employees the tools needed to maintain this knowledge along with guiding others around them.

Mastery Technologies

Post date: 4/17/2013

Mobile Training And Education
The Orange University mobile training and education center continues to travel North America delivering hands-on training. The 38-foot Winnebago is currently equipped with the company's products for chemical, processing, plastics and light manufacturing applications. A variety of process equipment is housed inside the Orange University mobile training and education center, typically consisting of magnetic separators, vibratory conveyors and screeners, metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems and more. To further supplement customer education, Orange University also includes a Smart Board interactive system that enables session leaders to quickly pull up video presentations, customize drawings and fulfill other customer requests on demand.


Post date: 4/17/2013

Parts Inspection And Evaluation
Additional measurement equipment has been acquired by the company to ensure precise evaluation and inspection of parts. The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Apex Pro Series has accuracy to 1.5 + 3/1,000 microns. This rating is the top of the industry, exceeding the needs of the customer. The table has a movement of 15.75" x 15.75" and a height of 9.84", giving plenty of space to measure either single or multiple dimensions on multiple parts. The touch probe allows precise 3-D vision measurement of very complicated parts along all three axes simultaneously. By eliminating the need for manual, mechanical probes, human measurement and transcription errors are avoided and the inspection time is sped up considerably. A key feature of the equipment is the integration between the probe and the software. During the measuring process, the Quick Vision system can automatically input data into the MeasureLink SPC software. This allows real-time data review, so technicians can immediately notify the production department if there is a dimensional variation. By eliminating the delay between measurement and interpretation, the production department can make immediate adjustments, resulting in less scrap and less wasted labor.

American Tool & Mold

Post date: 4/17/2013

Seal Design Guide
This provider of o-rings and sealing solutions features an updated seal design guide, complete with newly added inspection specifications. The inspection specifications addition to the seal design guide includes information on what to look for in o-ring and seal inspection. Some of these inspections include foreign material/inclusions, noting contamination or indentations, off-register misalignment and mismatch of cross sections, backrind or tearing at the mold parting line, mold deposit, and more. Each section of the troubleshooting and inspection specifications chapter include digital references in PDF format for simple overviews and helpful charts. Along with the newly added inspection specifications, this 12-part guide consists of valuable information such as rules of thumb, o-ring basics, seal types, material selection, special elastomer applications and more.

Apple Rubber Products

Post date: 4/17/2013


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