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Product Spotlight

Emulsion stability testing
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Rubber World's Product News Online

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Fatigue Life Software
Version 2.6 of the company's fatigue life analysis softare is a computer simulation that models the development of damage in an elastomeric part operating under realistic service conditions. The latest release includes new features for computing damage from a schedule or histogram with multiple load cases; stopping and restarting an analysis with incremental load history updates to obtain residual life and virtual damage state for digital twin applications; and pre- and post-processing of fatigue analyses from the MSC/Marc finite element solver. With this update, computing damage from a set of scheduled load cases now enables tire developers to simulate the FMVSS 119/139 tire durability and high speed regulatory standards, according to the company. Residual life following various tire abuse scenarios (overload, pothole, cleat impact, curbing, etc.) can now be easily computed.


Post date: 11/15/2017

Compounding control
Mix Vision.Gen2 compounding control systems are said to be compatible with the latest operating systems, hardware and network environments for next generation technology and innovation. Mix Vision.Gen2 has an enhanced user interface and scalable multi-screen displays. The systems can operate in PC-based or virtualized environments. Mix Vision.Gen2 is said to improve quality, reduce scrap, reduce downtime and increase profitability. It is also said to optimize mixing cycles, increase productivity and improve consistency. Mix Vision.Gen2 is said to provide accurate tracking, extensive data collection, tighter inventory control and intelligent scheduling. The company is said to be continually improving the Mix Vision compounding control system products and updating its clients' systems to help them maintain their competitive edge. Services provided by the firm are tailored to meet each customer's needs.

Mesabi Control Engineering

Post date: 3/22/2017

Tread wear testing
Tread wear testing Tread wear testing capabilities have been upgraded for passenger, light truck and commercial vehicle tires at the firm's Tire and Wheel Test Center in Ravenna, OH. The upgraded equipment and software is said to run a wide variety of drive profiles while supporting benchmarking and development requirements. Indoor tread wear testing provides a more controlled, consistent and efficient alternative to on road testing in terms of characterizing how a tire will wear. Indoor testing can also provide reasearchers with the ability to run wear studies that would be difficult or cost-prohibitive to perform on roads. The company's tread wear machine is said to rapidly and consistently induce tread wear with a combination of city and highway driving conditions. Custom drive profiles can be developed to match the particular conditions of a vehicle and course.

Smithers Rapra

Post date: 3/22/2017

Injection molding software
In the injection molding industry, mold dimension accuracy is said to be the most important factor to achieve high product quality and mass production ability. In addition to the help of the know-how of experienced engineers, the utilization of the industrial global compensation method is a common practice used in the industry to achieve mold dimension accuracy. CAE technology has been widely applied in the injection molding industry to help diagnose the causes of potential issues in the manufacturing process. Moldex3D has proposed a new 3D volume shrinkage compensation method (3D VSCM) to improve problems with warpage.

CoreTech System Ltd.

Post date: 2/2/2017

Tire performance solutions
Solutions are provided for tire design and development, said to help companies shorten the development cycle, while keeping costs down. This is said to be achieved by addressing the tire design problem from multiple fronts with superior simulation solutions, automation methods to improve efficiency, and simulation process and data management. The firm's technology provides solutions to simulate the events experienced by the tires throughout their life.

MSC Software

Post date: 11/4/2016

Molding simulation
Based on both research studies and scientific experiments, Moldex3D is said to be the only simulation software that can provide a comprehensive prediction on all of the three major factors, including fiber orientation, fiber length and fiber concentration, that directly affect the material properties of FRP products in the injection molding process. Moldex3D is said to have rolled out the first, and currently only, simulation capability available on the market for fiber concentration prediction in order to plug in the gap that was previously lacking in the CAE analysis software.

CoreTech System

Post date: 1/5/2016

Hot runner analysis
Runner flow balance is said to be one of the most essential factors when it comes to a successful mold design. However, achieving a balanced flow pattern is not always an easy task for many mold designers, according to the company. Moldex3D offers hot runner steady (HRS) analysis in its R14 version with the aim of shortening CAE analysis and design optimization time. The Moldex3D solver will conduct an HRS analysis based on the layout of the hot runners, and the flow rate of each gate can be attained as a valuable reference for users to understand the flow behavior. Users detect potential flow balance issues at an early design stage.

CoreTech System Ltd.

Post date: 9/14/2015

Manufacturing Software
A manufacturing ERP software and MES developer with an ongoing, proactive commitment to its product and relationships announced new software features designed to resolve two modern manufacturing challenges: The desire to grow capacity without increasing resources and the need to adhere to strict industry compliance and regulations. According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, plastic and rubber manufacturing capacity utilization is up nearly 10 percent since 2012. To keep up with demand, manufacturers are seeking ways to increase capacity without adding floor space, equipment or personnel. Using automation, such as the company's native planning, scheduling and process monitoring modules, manufacturers can add capacity using their existing plant and equipment. Additionally, the firm's real-time automation functions instantaneously collect production data and automatically relay it to the ERP solution for tracking and analysis, allowing manufacturers to adapt production schedules to real output in real time. 2014 was the worst year on record for automotive recalls, more than double the previous year. The medical industry did not fare much better, with the largest single-day recall of medical devices ever recorded occurring in September. Compliance, risk management and quality control are challenges that manufacturers cannot avoid. But with the company's end-to-end lot and serial traceability and embedded quality management suite (complete with electronic signatures, audit tools and secure document control), manufacturers can find relief from the changing regulatory environment.


Post date: 4/23/2015

Video Gauge Software
A major upgrade to the company's Video Gauge software, used with the firm's high resolution, video based measurement systems, has been announced. The systems are used throughout industry and academia to measure strain, displacement, rotation and other important parameters in materials, civil engineering structures and complex assemblies while under test. Improved usability is a main focus of the Video Gauge V5, particularly around generating precise 3D measurements. It is possible to use pre-calibrated camera pairs to generate measurements at the micron level within minutes of turning the system on. This is said to have eliminated the difficult and time-consuming setup process that is required with other 3D measurement systems. For those interested in measuring shear strain, a new measurement has been introduced. The measurement allows shear strain calculation via both the traditional plus/minus 45 degree gauge approach, and also via precise measurement of change in angle.


Post date: 4/23/2015

Advanced Warehouse Management System
An advanced warehouse management system, Advanced WMS, is a rule-based directed pick and put away distribution system that rivals Tier 1 WMS programs. Features in the Advanced WMS package include a directed task monitoring system that reduces labor and savse time with rule-based, directed pick up and put away transactions. Wave management drives productivity gains with task interleaving tools that replace deadhead trips with milk runs for JIT pick up. A dock scheduler and staging allow users to schedule one dock or two dozen based on pick tickets or expected receipts with this graphical calendar display. Users can easily manage expected receipts based on vender ASN information or PO releases. With slotting optimization, users are able to assign inventory classes to their items and then store them in the most optimal locations in their warehouse based on speed of movement. Users are able to reduce out of stock and expired materials or parts with LIFO, FEFO and FIFO options. What sets the Advanced WMS package apart is said to be the fact that it is native to the IQMS ERP solution. Rather than integrating a third-party WMS into a core ERP package, IQMS customers gain the capabilities of a Tier 1 WMS solution with the added benefits of being completely integrated into an ERP solution for business-wide traceability, accountability and efficiency.


Post date: 4/23/2015

High Speed Wireless Bridge
A 1.3 GB point-to-point high speed wireless bridge is offered by the company. The carrier-class wireless networking bridge provides more than 1 GB of data transmission. The system operates in the 5 GHz band and is effective for up to 10 miles line-of-site distance. The new product will provide a valuable alternative for backhaul or connecting buildings at unprecedented speeds. The FCC recently approved the use of high power transmitters at 5.15 – 5.25 GHz in addition to 5.725-5.850 GHz. The AvaLAN 5 Ghz product family now has twice as many channels resulting in twice the amount of data capacity. This is important when scaling larger deployments and allows smaller sites to minimize interference with more channels to select between. There are not many options to get this kind of speed and flexibility in a point-to-point wireless bridge and no better value in a cost/performance ratio, according to the manufacturer. The firm is said to provide a cost effective solution that can be trusted to run the most critical infrastructure, and is said to be widely known for its fail proof solutions, continueing to innovate and add to its growing product line so its OEMs and critical infrastructure customers can stay on top of their game. The company also offers its new 4.9 Ghz product line. These solutions are said to provide a clear frequency for public safety applications. The 4.9 GHz band is coveted for its low background noise and the FCC licenses this spectrum to municipalities for public safety applications. The AvaLAN 4.9 GHz Ethernet radio is fully optimized for video surveillance applications to ensure peak performance. The AW49200 can also be configured for operation in the unlicensed 5GHz bands as needed. The company is said to be continuously asked about connecting other devices, such as Ethernet I/O, IP-Camera or other Ethernet devices and is now providing its own line of industrial POE Ethernet switches. Two different power inputs at the terminal block avoid interruption caused by power down. When the primary DC power input fails, the backup power input will take over immediately to guarantee non-stop operation.

AvaLAN Wireless

Post date: 4/15/2015

Cure time reduction in rubber injection molding
Cure time reduction in rubber injection molding A calculation program for the estimation of bulk temperature attained in the injection process, as well as the cure time reduction (cure time calculator) are said to be of practical significance since they can be systematically deployed by manufacturers processing elastomers for optimization purposes. An empirically verified program was created to calculate increases in temperature of rubber compounds during the injection molding process. An additional model enables users to estimate potential cure time reduction, even before process optimization has been carried out. A software assisted cure time reduction ensuring complete crosslinking enables significantly shorter cycles, minimizing energy requirements. Additionally, the potential for increasing bulk temperature by means of superposed shear and extensional heating in a conical die was practically recorded and predicted using the program. Compression heating in rubber compounds was scientifically investigated for the first time. Practical experiments showed that the injection work is the main influencing factor on the temperature increase of the rubber compound also having a major influence on the curing time. Further optimization of the conical die geometries resulted in no additional technological improvements. In addition, the potential of compression heating in rubber compounds for the reduction of heating times was investigated. The measured values for the compression heating induced by pressure increase of 1,800 bars were 10°C. It was concluded that compression heating is not suitable for cure time reduction. Investigations of the calculated potential for cure time reduction depending on the thickness of the molded part showed that the heating time of molded parts with a thickness of less than 4 mm could hardly be reduced at all.

Maplan GmbH

Post date: 1/19/2015

Retread software system
TreadWear is a software program that can track each tire's progress throughout the retread process and is specifically designed and developed to address the unique needs of retread manufacturers. It is said to be easily installed and adapted to most current shop hardware and does not rely on an internet connection for functionality. The interface is said to be easy to used and its intuitive design allows for speedy interaction. Elements of the system include low set-up costs, personalized reports, and more.

Marangoni Tread North America

Post date: 10/7/2014

Sigmasoft Virtual Molding
Sigmasoft Virtual Molding Sigmasoft virtual molding technology is said to be a unique approach in the injection molding industry, according to the company. Customers analyze and optimize their processes and molds, increasing efficiency, productivity and part quality, while simultaneously reducing the associated time, material and energy consumption. With Sigmasoft virtual molding one can identify and resolve problems before they even appear. Sigmasoft virtual molding is also a tool for customers to communicate their know-how reproducible towards customers and suppliers at the right moment, consequently reducing development times and minimizing their risks. The effective planning and optimization of the later injection molding process already in parallel to the geometry design and the mold development makes troubleshooting unnecessary for customers at the real start of production.

Kalypso Ultra Technologies

Post date: 8/26/2014

Visual Tracking System Improves Process Flow
The Visual Management and Control Board system consists of heavy-gauge, color-coded file jackets with crystal clear fronts. Magnetic, adhesive or Velcro backings enable pockets to be quickly affixed, arranged and rearranged on manufacturing whiteboards as Visual Management and Control Boards. Sealed on two or three sides, plastic pockets protect important documents and permit easy insertion and removal of printed materials as necessary. The system is said to be ideal for Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S, warehouses, office environments and classrooms.


Post date: 8/26/2014

Interface Public-Members (IPM) Mobile App
Interface Public-Members (IPM) Mobile App IPM is an online and mobile application enabling right holders to provide Customs officers with real-time data on their products. Customs officers can access this information anywhere in the world via a simple and secure interface available in their national language. IPM can also be considered as a permanent training tool: Customs officers can log on to its e-learning facility at any time and learn about a variety of products, brands and the distinguishing features between counterfeit and genuine products. The latest version of IPM offers new features such as the possibility to use mobile devices to scan barcodes found on millions of products, enabling customers to search the products database in a more time-efficient manner. The unique product identifier embedded in the barcode will facilitate access to multiple databases, providing trusted sources of product information. Furthermore, scanning the barcodes will enable automatic connection to any authentication services linked to the product controlled.

World Customs Organizations

Post date: 8/26/2014

Fife OI-TS Operator Interface
Fife OI-TS has a color touch-screen D-Max operator interface for direct control and operation of the SE-46C digital line-guide sensor. The operator interface allows the operator to visually see the exact color representation of the web right on the interface itself. It has a touch screen equipped with color symbols and multiple languages. For edge and line guiding on a slitter rewinder, guiding into print, rewinding on a printing press or simple movable sensor center guiding on a blown film extruder, the OI-TS fits the requirement, according to the company.


Post date: 8/26/2014

Enhanced YS1000 Series Single Loop Controllers
Enhanced YS1000 Series Single Loop Controllers YS1000 series single loop controllers feature a new TFT LCD with improved display characteristics and a design that facilitates easy maintenance, according to the company. Single loop controllers are used in a wide variety of industrial facilities such as power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, and iron and steel plants. These controllers receive temperature, flow rate, pressure and other types of measurement readings from sensors and send corresponding instructions to control elements such as valves in order to maintain these values within a desired range. Each control loop has its own controller. The YS1000 has an improved LCD screen and online replacement; there is no need to switch off the controller before replacing the display. The YS1000 is used for operation, monitoring and control of production facilities.

Yokogawa Corporation of America

Post date: 8/15/2014

Automate EHS Program Reporting With Microsoft SharePoint To Save Time And Cut Costs
SharePoint is a cost-effective software solution offering an array of data collection, process automation and reporting opportunities that can alleviate the administrative burden of manually transcribing and entering stacks of EHS program inspection forms into Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. Microsoft SharePoint is widely used by manufacturers of all sizes. A whitepaper discusses how manufacturers can use this existing resource to automate data processing and reporting requirements, meet diverse EHS program needs, and otherwise benefit EHS program management. Case studies outline the success of SharePoint implementation for EHS program compliance requirements including accident/incident reporting, compliance calendars, inspections, corrective actions and compliance documentation. With some initial development, SharePoint’s inherent functionality and ease of use make it particularly useful for developing a variety of EHS management applications to automate the gathering, tracking and collating of program information, according to the company. By greatly increasing the efficiency of these routine administrative tasks, EHS managers are freed to focus on program analysis and forward-thinking initiatives.


Post date: 8/15/2014

Plant Resource Manager (PRM) R3.12 Released
PRM is a software package that is capable of centrally managing large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment, thereby allowing their status to be monitored and diagnosed online. With PRM R3.12, self-diagnostic information is now displayed in a more intuitive, easy-to-understand format based on the NAMUR NE107* recommendations, and network functions have been enhanced for upstream oil and gas applications. With this new release of its PRM package, the firm aims to expand its share of the maintenance market.

Yokogawa Corporation of America

Post date: 8/15/2014

MasterFormat 2014 Updated
Updates are now available for MasterFormat, a product used to organize construction documents for commercial, industrial and institutional building projects in the United States and Canada. Among the revisions in this update is the addition of “selective demolition” sections to most divisions of the format, providing guidance for companies and project managers who need to incorporate demolition into their plans. Additional changes in the 2014 edition include renaming division 40 from “process equipment” to “process interconnections,” and overhauling its content, reorganizing “process liquid pumps” in division 43, moving “manufactured planters” and “site seating and tables” to division 32 to better align with other site-based work and renaming their former division 12 location to “interior public space furnishings” to address similar types of furnishings used in indoor settings, revising “equipment” in division 11 to update, simplify and rationalize its content and organization and expanding “agreement forms” in section 00 52 00 to improve alignment with standard forms of agreement.


Post date: 8/15/2014

Financial Management In China Conquered With IQMS
When an injection molder first established its facility in China, it outsourced its financials to a Chinese CPA. The sub-contracted CPA was only managing the People's Republic of China (PRC) tax law side and not providing any data to the molder to help it make better business decisions. Through the use of the ERP and MES software solution, EnterpriseIQ, the firm brought its financials in-house and now receives business intelligence data in real time, while saving the costs associated with outsourcing its financials and remains up to code with China's strict tax regulations. Despite cultural differences and a large geographical distance, the company demonstrated that through a concentrated effort and investment in training and resources, one can utilize ERP software to the fullest and take advantage of all that a comprehensive system has to offer.


Post date: 8/15/2014


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