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Zic-Stick '85'
Zinc oxide dispersion
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 3.66; zinc oxide content approx 90%; very fine dispersion of highly active zinc oxide

Activator for NR and SRs; vulcanizer for polychloroprene and other halogenated elastomers; superior activity coupled with rapid complete incorporation enables 3 parts of Zic Stick 85 to replace 5 parts of zinc oxide powder in most applications.

Akro-Zinc Bar 85
Zinc oxide dispersion
Akrochem Corp.
ï 3.60, zinc oxide 85%; 6 lb. bar; 54 lb carton.

Use in place of zinc oxide powder on a part for part basis; use for applications where a pre-wetted product is desirable; G type Neoprenes where addition of zinc oxide late in mix is indicated; low hardness compounds where zinc oxide dispersion is amust.

Akrochem Treated Zinc Oxides
Zinc oxide surface treated with proprionic acid
Akrochem Corp.
ï 5.6; primary zinc oxide; odorless, non-toxic, fine white powder.

NR, SR activator reinforcer, good inorganic color; add directly to rubber, easy dispersing.

Grade 318T American Process
Zinc oxide treated
Perl Pigments, LLC

ZnO-99.3%, Pb-.09%, Fe-.02%, CD-.03%, sulfur-.10%, insoluble-.08%.

Accelerator, activator, vulcanizer

Zinc oxide- treated
Harwick Standard

High purity French process, white powder,; medium particle size and medium surface area, surface treated with propionic acid

For natural and synthetic rubbers and latices as cure activator and/or vulcanizer; add directly to rubber; surface treatment provides easier, faster incorporation.

Struktol Zinc Laurate
Zinc salt of lauric acid
Struktol Company of America, LLC

Specific gravity: 1.08; drop point: 125-135C; appearance: white pastille or course powder

Used as an activator for thiazoles, thiurams and dithicarbomates by supplying fatty acid and soluble zinc; dosage: 1-5 phr; Call for FDA status.

Zinc salts of lauric and related fatty acids
ï 1.18; tan flaked solid; mp about 107-118°C, but not definitely specified; good storage stability.

For CR, NBR, NR, SBR and their latices; recommended for tire carcass and tread compounds, extruded stocks, proof goods; activates thiazole accelerators and their derivatives; evens out and advances curing rates of off-grade rubbers deficient in natural fatty acids. Low blooming from cured and uncured compounds; much less blooming than many other fatty acid softeners; non-discoloring; melts, disperses readily.

Zinc Stearate Line
Zinc stearate
Harwick Standard

White powder or prill; Melt pt. 120C;available in high bulk or densified grades including USP and wettable

Mutiple functions in elastomeric compounds including lubricant,acid scavenger, viscosity modifier or cure activator.

CR 4
Western Reserve Chemical

White powder; 99.9% passes 325 mesh; 5.6; surface area 5 m2/g; 99.9% ZnO min.

Activator for NR, SR, reinforcer and pigment.

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