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Struktol Zinc Laurate
Zinc salt of lauric acid
Struktol Company of America

Specific gravity: 1.08; drop point: 125-135C; appearance: white pastille or course powder

Used as an activator for thiazoles, thiurams and dithicarbomates by supplying fatty acid and soluble zinc; dosage: 1-5 phr; Call for FDA status.

Struktol ZEH
Zinc 2-ethylhexanoate
Struktol Company of America

Specific gravity: 1.20, zinc content: 24% max, viscosity at 25C (mPa-s): 7000 max, appearance: high viscosity liquid

A rubber soluble zinc soap used as an activator for natural rubber; used instead of stearic acid and reduces stress relaxation and primary creep of NR-vulcanizates, especially in combination with soluble EV-systems; dosage: 1-3 phr.

Struktol WB 700A
Zinc oxide 91%; dispersing agent 9%
Struktol Company of America

Specific gravity: 3.85; bulk density: 1,200; ash content: 91%; appearance: non-dusting powder

A non-dusting powder and is preferably used, where high amounts of dispersing agents are undesirable; shorter mixing time can be achieved compared to powered zinc oxide due to faster incorporation and the temperature of the compound is increased only slightly, which is an advantage in scorchy stocks; can be used in small dosages due to the uniform dispersion of the zinc oxide; formation of agglomerates, variations of the physical values and brittleness of the vulcanized rubber are reduced; physical properties of the vulcanizates are improved, especially after aging.

Struktol WB 900A
Magnesium oxide dispersion
Struktol Company of America

Specific gravity: 2.09, magnesium oxide: 75+/-1, appearance: tan bead

Struktol metal oxide preparations may be used in rubber compounds where the dispersion of untreated metal oxides gives rise to problems; they reduce sticking to the rotor blades and mill rolls; WB 900A provides protection against humidity and carbon dioxide.; reduces the scorch risk of polychloroprene compounds.

Rubber grade, vegetable based stearic acid
Sovereign Chemical Company

Flake, sp. gr. 0.84

Vegetable based grade of stearic acid designed for use in rubber compounding as an activator; also used in esters for various lubricant applications as metal working and textile lubricants, and in the production soaps, emulsifiers, and metallic stearates.

ZnO, Sovsperse ZnO-85
Zinc oxide 85% active dispersed in an elastomeric binder
Sovereign Chemical Company
ï 3.10; small granules

Activator in sulfur based cure systems and a vulcanizer for halobutyl rubbers

Urea, WUF-16
Sovereign Chemical Company

Coated or oil treated powder

Activator for nitrogen type blowing agents; product is hygroscopic and relatively non-dusting.

Stearic acid, SA 590
Vegetable based stearic acid, rubber grade
Sovereign Chemical Company

Flake, 0.84

see SA-590

Elastomag 100
Magnesium oxide
H.M. Royal, Inc.

White powders. sp. gr, 3.2, surface area 100m2/gm, avg, sp gr, 2.5; shipped in 50# multiwall bags and PE pouches; protect from air and moisture.

For halogenated elastomers; vulcanizing and curing; activator, acid acceptor.

Elastomag 60
Magnesium oxide
H.M. Royal, Inc.

White powder; sp. gr, 3.2; surface area 60m2/gr; shipped in 50# multiwall bags; protect from air and moisture.

For halogenated elastomers; vulcanizing and curing; activator, acid acceptor.

Plastomag 170
Elastomag 170 (magnesium oxide) and naphthenic oil
H.M. Royal, Inc.
ï 2.45; bead form; oil agglomerated ultrafine particles.

For halogenated elastomers; vulcanizing and curing agent; activator; acid acceptor; pelleted product improves handling conditions.

Stearic Acid
Stearic acid
H.M. Royal, Inc.
ï 0.84; white powder, flakes, slabs; mild fat odor; non-toxic; mp, 126-133°F; iodine No, 0-15; mp and Iodine number both depend on purity (whether single, double or triple-pressed).

For NR, SRs, (except IIR), latexes; activator; plasticizer; softener; gives acid-type activation; improves processing; aids filler and pigment dispersion; add directly.

Rhenofit 2642
Combination of activating substances based on urea bound to high activity silica
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï approx. 1.50; white powder, slightly hygroscopic

Accelerator activator for the vulcanization of CO and ECO.

Elast-O-Cal 80HT
80% CaO paste dispersion in paraffinic oil binder
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 2.25; firm paste dispersion in a 580°F flash point binder (see calcium oxide)

Similar to Elast-O-Cal 80 in function except the 580°F binder allows higher temperature curing operations without oil volatilization.

Rhenofit EDMA/S
70% ethylene glycol dimethacrylate, 30% silica
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï approx. 1.25; white powder, non-dusting, non-staining

Crosslinking activator for the peroxide vulcanization of synthetic rubbers.

Rhenofit D/A
Highly reactive magnesium oxide
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 3.60; white powder

A highly reactive magnesium oxide intended specifically for use in the rubber processing industry; improves the processing safety of CR, CSM, CM and CIIR based rubber compounds by increasing the critical temperature of basic accelerators; reduces the susceptibility of rubber compounds to scorching; In acid accelerators, it lowers the necessary activation temperature; in polymers containing halogen, and particularly in CR, it acts as an acid acceptor, thereby improving aging properties; in cold-cured fabric proofing, it serves to neutralize traces of acid; moduli are generally increased by Rhenofit D/A.

Poly-Dispersion JZFD-90P
88% zinc oxide in a NR binder
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 3.50; white pellets

Vulcanizing activator for use in natural and synthetic rubber compounds.

Rhenofit TAC/S
70% triallyl cyanurate 30% silica
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 1.25; fine white crumbles

Cross-linking activator for peroxide vulcanization; technical molded and extruded articles based on EPDM, EPM, CM and others, e.g., profiles, seals, cable coverings and bushings.

Elast-O-Cal P-90
90% CaO in DOP
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 2.70; wetted powder in DOP carrier (see calcium oxide)

An efficient moisture absorber for all commonly used elastomers imparting excellent protection against porosity or blistering in rubber products produced in low-pressure, high-temperature cure systems such as microwave units, LCM, hot air cures or fluidize baths.

Rhenogran MgO-75
75% magnesium oxide with dispersion aids and polymeric binder
Rhein Chemie Corporation
ï 2.00; white to gray pellets

Curing activator and acid acceptor particularly suitable for polychloroprene rubber (CR) and adhesives

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