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Akrochem E-9347 Urea OT
Oil treated urea
Akrochem Corp.
ï 1.30; free flowing white powder, mp 129-134°C; slight water solubility.

Blow promoter for nitrogen blowing agents; also a cure activator for thiazole accelerators in CR, IIR, NBR, NR and SBR.

Akrochem Stearic Acid-TP
Mixture of stearic and palmitic acids
Akrochem Corp.

White flakes; 0.85; iodine <1; Gardner color <1.

High purity triple pressed (TP) stearic acid used in rubber compounding as an activator; excellent color, low iodine; plasticizer, process aid and internal/external lubricant.

Akrochem Zinc Oxide 35
Precipitated zinc oxide
Akrochem Corp.

White to light yellow powder; 5.6; surface are 35 m2/gram.

Effective activator of extremely fine particle size; use in NR, SR and latex applications; high activity permits 20-30% reduction in loading compared to regular zinc oxide; useful in transparent and translucent rubber articles; crosslinking agent for CR and XNBR.

Akrochem 9930 Zinc Oxide Transparent
Precipitated basic zinc carbonate
Akrochem Corp.

White powder; sp. gr. 3.5; 99% through 200 mesh.

Accelerator, activator of extremely fine particle size; particularly useful for transparent and translucent rubber articles (NR and SR); acid acceptor in CR adhesive where transparency is required; very good dispersion characteristics.

Elastomag 100
Magnesium oxide
Akrochem Corp.

White powders. sp. gr, 3.2, surface area 100m2/gm, avg, sp gr, 2.5; shipped in 50# multiwall bags and PE pouches; protect from air and moisture.

For halogenated elastomers; vulcanizing and curing; activator, acid acceptor.

Akrochem Oleic Acid
Primarily cis-9-octadecenoic acid (oleic)
Akrochem Corp.

Oyster white liquid; 0.90

Utilized as an activator, plasticizer in NR and SR where color or clarity are not critical; typical loading 2-10 phr.

Elastomag 170 Powder
Magnesium oxide
Akrochem Corp.

White powder and micro pellets. sp. gr, 3.2; sa avg 170 m2/gr,; avg ps 2.2μ; shipped: 50 lb multiwall bags and PE pouches in cartons; protect from air and moisture.

For halogenated elastomers; vulcanizing and curing, activator, acid acceptor; high activity type MgO.

Akrochem PEG 3350
Polyethylene glycol
Akrochem Corp.

Powder/Granules; 1.15; melt point 130°F; soluble in water

As an activator for silica/mineral filled compounds; aso as a process aid/lubricant; typical dosages 1.5 to 3.0 phr; higher levels are used to add polarity to mircrowave-cured EPDMs.

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