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Elastomag 170 Powder
Magnesium oxide
Akrochem Corp.

White powder and micro pellets. sp. gr, 3.2; sa avg 170 m2/gr,; avg ps 2.2μ; shipped: 50 lb multiwall bags and PE pouches in cartons; protect from air and moisture.

For halogenated elastomers; vulcanizing and curing, activator, acid acceptor; high activity type MgO.

Akrochem Oleic Acid
Primarily cis-9-octadecenoic acid (oleic)
Akrochem Corp.

Oyster white liquid; 0.90

Utilized as an activator, plasticizer in NR and SR where color or clarity are not critical; typical loading 2-10 phr.

Thanecure T9 (TDI Dimer)

R.D. Abbott Company, Inc. (RDAbbott)

Thanecure T9 is dimerized TDI and is used as a vulcanization agent for isocyanate cured millable urethanes. It is also used as an adhesion promoter for rubber to textile bonding.

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