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Global chlorinated polyethylene market forecast to reach $890.3 million by 2025  

Friday, October 20, 2017

Dublin, Ireland - The global chlorinated polyethylene market size is expected to reach $890.3 million by 2025, according to Research and Markets. The market is expected to exhibit significant growth owing to increasing demand for chlorinated polyethylene elastomers (CPE) due to their superior heat, temperature and oil resistance. In addition, increasing use of high performance chlorinated polyethylene in chemical industry owing to their non-corrosive properties, is expected to drive growth over the forecast period. Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE 135B) is expected to grow at a significant rate owing to increasing use of the product in rigid plastic applications such as PVC plastic profile, pipe fittings, waterproofing membranes and cable sheathing. Increasing use of CPE 135B as modifier and stabilizer of specials synthetic rubber owing to easy mixing with natural rubber is expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. Increasing use of the product as impact modifier, anti-dripping agent and secondary flame retardant in Ignition resistant acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (IR ABS) owing to its higher thermal stability and heat resistance is expected to drive growth over the forecast period. The global chlorinated polyethylene market is highly fragmented, with a majority of production in China due to the presence of a large number of small scale manufacturers in the country providing the product at extremely low prices.


Newly updated data for more than 100,000 combinations of corrodents vs. rubber and other elastomeric compounds

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U-CAN DYNATEX INC. is a leading worldwide supplier of analytical instruments and testing equipment for polymer industries. The company's first major product, the Rheometer, is primarily used to detect physical property changes induced in polymer materials by chemical reactions during processing. This is a high-tech business that demands professional expertise and precision in areas such as mechanical design and control, sensing signal acquisition and processing, electronic circuit design, analytical software programming, and chemical interpretation of changes in physical properties. Due to the need for cross-sectoral operational integration, U-CAN has established a strong, innovative technical team that strives to meet the needs of customers through continuous research and development.

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