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Global automotive elastomer market forecast to reach $62.9 billion by 2024

5/17/2019 - New York, NY - The global automotive elastomers market was assessed at $46.17 billion in 2017 and is predicted to gain market returns of $62.94 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 5.30 percent during the forecast period from 2019 to 2024, according to The objective of the automotive elastomers market report is to familiarize the clients with up-to-date market insights, market trends and the automotive elastomers market outlook during the forecast period from 2019-2024. The automotive elastomers market size, market outline, business strategies of the key players and analysis the of market based on the past, present and future trends will drive the market development and automotive elastomers development status during the forecast period. The detailed automotive elastomers market study is organized into key market sections, prevai...
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Goodyear and Just Tires offering free care care checks for U.S. military this Memorial Day

5/17/2019 - Akron, OH - Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires have teamed up to observe Memorial Day with a donation to the Honor and Remember organization and offer special discounts, including free car care checks, to current and past members of the U.S. military. For the first 2,000 free car care checks scheduled, Goodyear will make a $5 donation up to $10,000 to Honor and Remember, a military support organization dedicated to perpetually and publicly recognizing the sacrifice of fallen military members and their families through its establishment of a national symbol of remembrance, the Honor and Remember flag. In addition, military customers who schedule an appointment from May 23-27 for any service before June 13 will receive a free car care check, as well as 10 percent off of Goodyear tires. This discount can be used in conjunction with all ava...
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Nexen Tire and The Purple Heart Foundation to give away 2020 Jeep Gladiator to a combat-wounded veteran

5/17/2019 - Diamond Bar, CA - In the wake of last year's highly-successful “American Muscle for American Heroes” program, Nexen Tire America, Inc. has partnered with The Purple Heart Foundation for a second time to honor a combat-wounded veteran and Purple Heart recipient by giving away a custom 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S. The “Nexen Hero” Campaign is designed to honor a well-deserving veteran who was wounded in combat and awarded the Purple Heart Medal by giving away a new Jeep Gladiator equipped with 35-inch Nexen Roadian MTX Extreme Off-Road Mud Terrain tires and several Mopar aftermarket parts. The campaign begins on May 15 and the winning recipient, who will be selected by the Purple Heart Foundation, will be announced on National Purple Heart Day, August 7. Last year, Nexen Tire showed its gratitude for the safety and security provided by U.S....
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Bridgestone launches company's first all-weather touring tire in the U.S. and Canada

5/17/2019 - Nashville, TN - - Bridgestone Americas, Inc. announced the launch of Firestone WeatherGrip, the company's first all-weather touring tire in the U.S. and Canada. Engineered to go beyond traditional all-season performance, the Firestone WeatherGrip tire is Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified and specially designed for control in wet and snowy conditions. Featuring the Firestone brand's new Hydro-Grip technology package, the Firestone WeatherGrip tire utilizes a tread pattern designed with full-depth grooves and open shoulder slots for enhanced water evacuation. The all-weather tire is also engineered with a rounded footprint where the rubber meets the road, allowing it to cut through water to help reduce the risk of hydroplaning. "Drivers today are looking for durable, dependable tires that work hard and keep them in control in every dr...
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Book of the day - Fatigue, Stress and Strain of Rubber Components, by Judson Bauman

5/17/2019 - Akron, OH - This book covers the fatigue testing of specimens, curve fitting of equations to the test data, and the use of such equations in life prediction. Topics include the nature of rubber, history of its usage, types of rubber in brief, manufacturing methods, and stress-strain testing and behavior. Also, the text covers the application of finite element analysis to components to determine high stress points that are vulnerable to fatigue failure. By Judson T. Bauman, hardcover, 214 pages, 140 figures, $130.00 plus shipping and handling. ...
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Rubber World's Blue Book

The Blue Book - Long regarded as the industry's single most important reference for technical information, the Blue Book contains detailed information on every raw material used by the rubber industry-including chemical additives, extenders, elastomers and latexes, fillers and reinforcing materials, carbon black and coloring materials
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Market Reports

Automotive all-season tires market forecast with a CAGR of about 5% by 2023

5/16/2019 - Dublin, Ireland - The automotive all-season tires market will register a CAGR of about 5% by 2023 according to the Markets and Research. The emergence of automotive all-season tires as a short-term cost-effective solution will drive the market growth during the forecast period. All-season tires are finding high demand among the consumers due to their all-round performance, reliability, and durability. In addition, these tires often come with a better warranty in terms of the number of miles covered as compared to conventional tires. Also, these tires offer superior fuel efficiency due to their better all-round performance in different conditions, in turn, boosting the market growth during the forecast period. One of the growth drivers of the global automotive all-season tires market is the short-term cost-effective solution. All... (read more)

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Precise, Efficient Pyrolysis GCMS

Shimadzu’s Pyrolysis GCMS system is your solution for analysis of composition, molecular structure, thermal stability, and thermal decomposition mechanisms/structures, with little to no sample preparation. The Auto-Shot Sampler automates the introduction of samples into the pyrolyzer unit while enabling up to 48 samples for analysis in a sequence. In addition, F-Search software with chromatograms and mass spectral data facilitates identification of polymers and polymer additives. Learn more.

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