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This Weeks Headlines - Past 7 Days

Friday, March 27, 2015
AkzoNobel to invest in organic peroxide operations in the U.S. and Europe
Evonik to invest over €4 billion in research and development
Goodyear establishes tire development center in Pulandian, China
Continental's General Highway Tire launchs three new highway truck tires at Mid-America Truck Show
Book of the day - Practical Guide to the Assessment of the Useful Life of Rubbers
J.D. Power finds customers are less satisfied with run-flat tires
Yokohama’s new commercial tire plant in Mississippi is “Right on Schedule”

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Semperit has acquired German rubber seal manufacturer Leeser GmbH
BASF cooperates with partners to introduce online control of complex batch processes
Elasto Proxy announces new help for manufacturers
India expected to be self-sufficient in synthetic rubber by 2017
Desser Tire & Rubber has acquired European aircraft tire specialist Watts Aviation
FDA recommends manufacturers no longer use the claim 'Latex Free'
Michelin predicts end of low rubber prices
New market report on global and Chinese injection molding machine industry

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Huntsman TPU is sole choice for Spanish footwear manufacturer Panter
Toyo Tire introduces new heavy-duty steer tire
New report on the silicone fluid market
Mettler-Toledo presenting webinar on dynamic mechanical analysis
Continental Carbon reaches $95 milliion settlement with the EPA
Yokohama's Advan to come factory-equipped on Porsche's Cayenne
Lack of world rubber demand predicted to keep prices low through 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Polymax launches new TPE for extreme conditions
Core Molding acquires long fiber thermoplastic maker, CPI Binani
New market report claims the SBR market is expected to reach $16,110 million by 2019
Lord Corporation unveils new low read-through acrylic adhesive
Rubber Division, ACS announces discounts for its April training courses
Evonik expands silicone platform in Germany and China
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will allow the Denka acquisition of DuPont chloroprene operations
China National Chemical Corp. makes a $7.7 billion bid for Pirelli

Monday, March 23, 2015
India's natural rubber imports head to all time high
Pirelli rumored to be sold to China Chemical Corp.
NuSil appoints Ernest Waaser as new CEO
Rubber Consultants expands its tire testing facilities with a new two-station passenger rig
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory finds polyureas work better than paint to prevent corrosion
New market report on global rubber additives
Polymer Foam 2015 conference to be held in Cologne, Germany this November

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