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Magnesium oxide - bar form
Flow Polymers LLC

Activator in bar form

Kenlastic K-25067
60% HSC litharge/EPM
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 4.82

Activator, a dispersion of HSC litharge in polymer form

Kenlastic K-21409
90% red lead/CPE
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 5.08

Activator, a dispersion of red lead in polymer form

Kenlastic K-16148
90% red lead/ECO
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 5.42

Activator, a dispersion of red lead in polymer form

Kenlastic K-13409
85% Am. ZnO/NBR
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 3.30

Activator - a dispersion of Am. ZnO in polymer form

Kenlastic K-8895
90% EP #41 white lead/EPM
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 3.93

Activator - a dispersion of EP #41 White Lead in polymer form

Tribasic Lead Sulfate FlowSperse
Various percentages of tribasic lead sulfate in different carriers
Flow Polymers LLC

Paste or elastomeric dispersion.

Ease of incorporation and handling.

70% Ricon 154
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.1

Free flowing powder form of Ricon 154, a coagent.

75% TATM
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.3

Free flowing powder form of TATM.

75% TAIC
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.33

Free flowing powder form of TAIC, a coagent

50% TAC/KE
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.56

Free flowing powder form of TAC in KE Clay, a coagent.

75% TAC (Triallyl Cyanurate)
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.28

Free flowing powder form of TAC, a coagent for EP peroxide cured rubbers.

Silacto 75 Powder
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.25

Free flowing powder form of Silacto, an activator for silica containing stocks.

Ridacto 75 Powder
Flow Polymers LLC
ï 1.22

Free flowing powder form of Ridacto, an accelerator activator

Calcium Oxide HP
High purity calcium oxide
The HallStar Co.

A high purity, very dry, conveniently packaged calcium oxide for rubber compounding.

Used in fluoroelastomer compounding; also used as a desiccant in compounding for continuous cures.

Suprmix Triethanolamine 85
Triethanolamine - silicate blend
The HallStar Co.
ï 1.277; light buff, non-dusting powder; pressure sensitive; shipped: fiber drums.

NR, SBR, latex activator; dispersing agent; use in Hi-Sil, Silene and Zeolite loaded stocks; use 3-6% on filler content.

Calcium Hydroxide HP
High purity calcium hydroxide
The HallStar Co.
ï 2.08; Odorless, dry powder; conveniently packaged.

For NR, SRs, fluoroelastomers, latexes; speeds up cure; prevents product porosity; add directly.

Stearic Acid
Rubber grade stearic acid
The HallStar Co.
ï 0.84' white flakes, mild fat odor; non-toxic; mp, 70°C; idine no, 9.5, titre 52°C, acid number 197-209.

For NR, SRs (except IIR), latexes; activator; plasticizer; softener; gives acid-type activation; improves processing; aids filler and pigment dispersion; add directly.

Hallco CAOP
Calcium hydroxide/DOP dispersion
The HallStar Co.
ï 1.05; (80% calcium hydroxide) finely dispersed in DOP; free flowing powder, dustless.

Recommended for mill and internal mixing; offers better dispersion and safety.

Mastermix CalMag 5903 Slab-45
45% active 2:1 blend of calcium hydroxide and magnesium oxide in an FKM (genuine Viton) binder.
Harwick Standard

Sp. gr. 1.94.

A convenient dispersed blend of activators for FKM compounds.

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