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       Materials, compounding ingredients, machinery and services for the rubber industry

Welcome to Rubber World Magazine's Blue Book Online. An interactive database of materials, compounding ingredients, machinery and services for the rubber industry.

This online directory*, much like Rubber World's print edition of the BlueBook, contains the most up to date and current product information for over 42 categories of compounding materials and 36 categories of different elastomers. This is the exact same information that is to be found in the familiar print edition of the BlueBook with one major exception. The product information contained within the BlueBook Online is constantly updated and never outdated! As soon as we find out a supplier to the rubber industry modifies or updates their product line, you find out! And did we mention interactive? Looking for a certain composition or property? No more leafing through pages of accelerators just to find all the different suppliers of 'zinc dibutyl dithiocarbamate'. Simply type your query into our search function and in seconds you've found all the listings related to your query including trade names, composition, properties, function and compounding and supplier information such as contact information and web links.

Interested? Need to see more? Then tour our demo site or subscribe to a one year subscription and begin using the BlueBook today, faster, easier and more up-to-date then ever before!

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