Sealing solutions offered for air and sea

In aerospace, demand has increased for actuator designs that meet and exceed more rigorous performance standards, while providing unprecedented safety and reliability. Some of these requirements, such as the fire and flammability resistance defined in ISO 2685 and RTCA DO-160, go beyond the use of standard hydraulic seal designs. These high temperature, challenging requirements significantly impact commercial aircraft engine safety, and often force the use of heavy, bulky, easily damaged and costly external fire shielding. As a result, Greene Tweed developed the Fireproof Hydraulic Seal (FPH Seal), which has been specifically engineered to meet this need and establish a shielding alternative.

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Lamination technology for multi-layer hose

Fluoroelastomer lamination technology for multilayer automotive hose constructions is said to be ideal for use in high-pressure, high-temperature areas near the engine, where they are also exposed to NOx, SOx, engine oils or other aggressive automotive fluids. AGC Chemicals Americas՚ AFLAS FEPM fluoroelastomers can withstand continuous service temperatures up to 200°C and have excellent acid, base, amine and steam resistance.

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Thermally conductive elastomer for EV parts

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) has developed a thermally conductive elastomer that combines seemingly contradictory properties: It conducts heat well, but is also electrically insulating. FST is already testing initial applications for charging sockets, control units and batteries in electric vehicles.

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