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Braskem completes U.S. Innovation and Technology Center expansion

11/30/2020 - Pittsburgh, PA - Braskem announced the successful completion of a $10 million investment towards the expansion of the company's U.S. Innovation and Technology (I&T) Center located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The expansion project adds eight new research and development laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for developing new proprietary technologies to support innovations in Catalysis, Recycling and 3D Printing. In accelerating its scientific research capabilities, Braskem is strengthening the development of proprietary technologies as well as continuing to build on client R&D partnership and collaboration programs. The new laboratories directly support the company's broader sustainability based innovation objectives and its Carbon Neutral Circular Economy goals. The I&T Center facility expansion is focused on catalysis and p...

Ashland declares quarterly dividend $0.275 per share

11/30/2020 - Wilmington, DE - The board of directors of Ashland Global Holdings Inc. has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.275 per share on the company's common stock. The dividend is payable December 15, 2020, to stockholders of record at the close of business on December 1, 2020. As of October 31, 2020, there were 60,578,546 shares of Ashland common stock outstanding....

Mitsui Chemicals completes construction of hydrocarbon-based synthetic fluid plant

11/30/2020 - Tokyo, Japan - Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. announced that it has completed the construction of a new plant to produce LUCANT™, a series of hydrocarbon-based synthetic fluid, at its Ichihara Works in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture. A ceremony was also held on November 12 to mark the occasion. With this new plant coming on top of an existing plant at Iwakuni-Ohtake Works, Mitsui Chemicals’ production capacity for LUCANT™ is now set to increase, allowing the company to comfortably keep up with the strong global demand for the product. Further, by moving to a two-base system spread across Iwakuni-Ohtake Works and Ichihara Works, Mitsui Chemicals aims to bolster its business continuity planning for LUCANT™. Mitsui Chemicals’ LUCANT™ is a high-performance hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil – the world’s first such product to be offered commercially....

Hexpol AB holds extraordinary general meeting elects Alf Göransson as Chairman of the Board; declares dividend

11/30/2020 - Malmo, Sweden - At an Extraordinary General Meeting of HEXPOL AB the Board of Directors resolved, in accordance with the proposal of the Nomination Committee, to elect Alf Göransson as Chairman of the Board for the period up until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Thus, the Board consists of Alf Göransson (Chairman), Jan-Anders E. Månson, Malin Persson, Kerstin Lindell, Märta Schörling Andreen and Gun Nilsson. Furthermore, the meeting resolved that the fees to the Chairman, including remuneration for committee work, in accordance with the resolution by the Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2020 shall continue to apply and shall, as applicable, be payable pro rata relative to the time for each general meeting's election of Chairman of the Board, respectively. At the statutory board meeting following the meeting, Alf Göra...

Bridgestone Americas announces leadership change to the Off-the-Road tire business

11/30/2020 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Americas announced leadership changes to drive operational excellence and strengthen the company’s position as a global leader providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions. The following changes take effect December 1, 2020. Bridget Neal, currently president of the company’s Off-the-Road (OTR) tire business in the U.S. and Canada, has been promoted to senior vice president, logistics and supply chain management (LSCM), Bridgestone Americas. In this role, Neal will oversee the company’s global supply chain, designing and implementing supply and distribution strategies that enable business growth and improve product cycle time. Neal joined Bridgestone in 2002 as a supply planning and sourcing engineer. During her 18-year tenure, Neal has served in various roles of increasing responsibility in both ...

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Global silicone market forecast at $155 billion by 2023

11/23/2020 - Philadelphia, PA - The silicone market consists of sales of silicone and related services for usage in the manufacturing of lubricants and synthetic rubber. They are characterized by thermal stability, hydrophobic nature and physiological inertness. Silicone (except resins) are widely used in the medical industry to manufacture surgical implants and dental impression materials. The global silicone market was worth $120.43 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% and reach $155.12 billion by 2023 according to the Business Research Company. The silicone market has been geographically segmented into North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, South America and Middle East & Africa. In 2019, Asia Pacific was the largest region in the silicone market. Rising demand of sil... (read more)

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Precise, Efficient Pyrolysis GCMS

Shimadzu’s Pyrolysis GCMS system is your solution for analysis of composition, molecular structure, thermal stability, and thermal decomposition mechanisms/structures, with little to no sample preparation. The Auto-Shot Sampler automates the introduction of samples into the pyrolyzer unit while enabling up to 48 samples for analysis in a sequence. In addition, F-Search software with chromatograms and mass spectral data facilitates identification of polymers and polymer additives. Learn more.

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