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Pittsburgh Penguins, Covestro and Carnegie Mellon collaborate on “Rethink the Rink”

  3/10/2020 - Pittsburgh, PA – Covestro, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU’s) College of Engineering will reunite for the third annual Make-a-thon, as they continue to “Rethink the Rink” in a unique collaboration to make hockey safer. With a strong performance record and two innovative concepts already in the net, the Rethink the Rink team is setting up for a hat trick in its third year. The 2020 Make-a-thon will explore a new aspect of hockey innovation – protective padding. “Over the last two years, we developed safer solutions for rink dasher boards as well as goalie helmets,” said David Morehouse, president and CEO of the Penguins. “This year, we’re going to shift our focus to shoulder pads and elbow pads, which have as much impact on player performance as they do on protection. With bigger players, faster pucks and stronger shots, we have a real opportunity to drive safety through innovation.” Make-a-thon 2020 will bring together diverse teams of CMU students for a weeklong ideation event at the school’s Tech Spark facility, starting today. The students will have access to advanced materials and technical expertise from Covestro, as they explore ways to further improve upon shoulder and elbow pads. Their engineering challenge is to uncover material solutions that will provide players with a greater range of motion and flexibility without compromising protection. “The Make-a-thon not only gives students an opportunity to apply their problem-solving and analytic skills to a real-world challenge, but also to expand their professional networks beyond the academic setting through collaboration with industry experts,” said William Sanders, dean of CMU’s College of Engineering. The passionate student innovators are giving up their spring break to develop, design and build basic prototypes. The intense week culminates with a presentation and awards ceremony March 13 at the Covestro Innovation Rink in the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, which serves as a testing ground for the innovative concepts and ideas coming out of Rethink the Rink. “We’ve already seen promising results from this collaboration, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the students approach this year’s challenge,” said Haakan Jonsson, chairman and president, Covestro LLC. “I have no doubt they’ll continue to raise the bar a little higher – and push the boundaries a little farther.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

MonTech’s MCool -40°C chiller option increases range for low temperature RPA testing - click to expand

TA Instruments introduces multi-sample Discovery X3 differential scanning calorimeter - click to expand

Department of Commerce delays publication of results of anti-dumping investigation into light tires from Korean, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan - click to expand

Yokohama Rubber unifies off-highway tire operations under global entity - click to expand

Davis-Standard presents free webinar on Evolution and Advancements in Technology - click to expand

International Elastomer Conference continues today; Get Involved session held - click to expand

IMCD U.S. opens headquarters in greater Cleveland area - click to expand

ARDL expands rubber testing capabilities to include SAE J1402 - click to expand

Monday, October 19, 2020

Global silicones market will grow by $5.46 billion through 2024 - click to expand

Tyrata begins IntelliTread Drive-Over System shipments to Japan - click to expand

Nexen updates winter tire line for Europe - click to expand

Nokian's Tennessee tire factory earns LEED v4 Silver certification - click to expand

Solvay inaugurates second bio-based solvent plant in Brazil - click to expand

Desma extends digital exhibition XpertForum until October 30 - click to expand

Friday, October 16, 2020

USTMA finds recycling of end-of-life tires stalled - click to expand

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company to release third quarter 2020 financial results October 29 - click to expand

Book of the Day: USA Rubber & Tire Industry Patents 2015-2017 - click to expand

Trinseo receives Mass Balance certification for three families of products in Europe - click to expand

Bridgestone unveils 'A Layered Journey' sustainability campaign - click to expand

Eagle Elastomer founder Neil X. McHale passed away October 10 - click to expand

Endurica software release features aging simulation for elastomers - click to expand

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dow and the Vita Group collaborate on production of flexible polyurethane foams made from recycled content - click to expand

LabsCubed opens new facility - click to expand

Brüggemann invests 32 million euros in Heilbronn headquarters - click to expand

UTH GmbH offers Technology Transfer Webinar on compounds with fine mesh straining - click to expand

Yokohama Tire to increase commercial truck tire prices December 1 - click to expand

Arkema ranks 11th in the Wall Street Journal's ranking of the world's most sustainably managed companies - click to expand

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Global polymer emulsion market forecast to reach $38.1 billion by 2025 - click to expand

Ashland solves complex challenges and is recognized as Supplier of the Year by Molded Fiber Glass Companies - click to expand

Brenntag Specialties announces distribution agreement with Interspersal Inc. - click to expand

Barry Arkles resumes position as chief executive officer of Gelest Inc. - click to expand

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies supports Trek Bicycle’s innovative suspension - click to expand

International Elastomer Conference begins Monday - click to expand

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Bridgestone supports Nashville school's automotive training center - click to expand

Falken Tires selected as original equipment supplier for 2021 Nissan Rogue - click to expand

Zochem announces price increases for all grades of zinc oxide - click to expand

Braskem America becomes an Operation Clean Sweep blue member - click to expand

Global thermoplastic elastomer market forecast to grow 3 percent annually through 2024 - click to expand

Continental wins Tire Technology Award with tire concept for autonomous electric taxis - click to expand

Market Reports

Brazil automotive tire market is projected to reach $2.05 billion by 2027 - click to expand

Global Silicones Market will grow by$5.46 billion through 2024 - click to expand

Global polymer emulsion market forecast to reach $38.1 billion by 2025 - click to expand

Global thermoplastic elastomer market forecast to grow 3 percent annually through 2024 - click to expand

Global liquid silicone rubber market forecast at $3.2 billion by 2027 - click to expand

Global Electronic Adhesives Market will grow by $3.49 billion through 2024 - click to expand

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