Arlanxeo extends foothold in India with launch of legal entity

ARLANXEO continues its growth journey in the India subcontinent with the launch of its legal entity ARLANXEO India Private Limited, which has commenced operations from the 1st of January this year. To cement the establishment of its legal entity, ARLANXEO will be inaugurating a new office space in Mumbai, India, slated for completion by May 2021. Both are significant milestones in ARLANXEO’s growth strategy and will enhance ARLANXEO’s presence in one of the most important strategic growth regions.

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Keltan 2470E EPDM Grade for Excellent Electrical Performance in Wire and Cable

Ethylene propylene diene polymers (EPDM) are the most widely used rubbers in the range of available synthetic rubbers for non-tire applications. Due to the unsaturated backbone, EPDM can be employed in various applications in which characteristics such as resistance to ozone, heat and moisture, flexibility at low temperatures, a wide range of tensile strength and hardness levels, and excellent electrical insulating properties are important

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Challenges In Extrusions Met With Branched, High Molecular Weight Keltan 13561C EPDM

Keltan 13561C was introduced as the premier EPDM grade for extruded seals. It has quickly become apparent that the unique combination of the grade’s characteristics makes this material one of the principal tools for other applications. The very high molecular weight and long chain controlled branching drive economical compounding and enhanced processing. Hose formulations can benefit from these characteristics.

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